Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 114 – A Perfect End To A Great Week

Written by Wayne

This week has been awesome for shots. I’m currently transferring another 60+ gig worth of raw files from the last two days.

Freshly fueled and coffee in hand I left Stettler this morning but didn’t get very far before I was out of the truck, camera in tow. I wasn’t even half done my coffee when I spotted a large field full of junk, then the truck with a sign saying “Antique Junk for Sale”. Heaven. I pulled into Hennel Salvage and was greeted with another sign inviting me to browse safely at my own risk. As I was getting my stuff ready A couple fellows drove up that worked there. They were friendly and directed me to things I might be interested in. Two hours later I was down a camera battery and had no more room on my flash cards.

While sipping on my cold coffee and copying the cards to my field drive I continued on, thinking I needed some houses to balance all the vehicles I just shot. Well, houses is what I got… all day.

Needless to say my week was busy, full and wonderful. I’m rewarding myself with a few days off in Calgary, where I once lived for seven years. So I plan on meeting some old friends I haven’t seen in awhile and catching up. Then I’ll continue on. It’s looking that I may get home to Vancouver a little early. Just in time to experience a little of what the Vancouver 2010 Olympics have to offer before they finish. I think catching the last few days of the excitement will be just enough for me.

Go Canada Go!!

Mr. Red McCormick:Retired

Mr. Red McCormick:Retired

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