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Days 115, 116, 117 – Some Downtime in Calgary

I’ve spent a few days here in Calgary catching up with some friends as I once lived here. For seven years “Cowtown” was home while I played music and experienced a different city.

I’m all set to get on my way tomorrow and am looking forward to my last leg of this awesome trip that has taken me completely across this country we live in. However, my friends back in Vancouver are demanding that I get back to town and experience some of the Olympic energy. Despite how I feel about the politics, commercialism and corporate involvement in the games I also feel like it’s a once in a lifetime experience as well. So as I leave here tomorrow I’m going to be watching the weather carefully and if I feel like I’d rather wait to take some shots I may find I may just keep driving through. It’s not like I’m far from home and smaller road trips to my home province are always fun.

So with that said, I do feel a bit sad that the trip is coming to a close. That however, doesn’t meant that I will stop posting here, as a matter of fact, once I’m home and as time allows the photo section of this become quite extensive as I have more time to edit some of the thousands of shots I’ve taken.

Anyway, I’m sure we’ll see each other again soon. Until tomorrow.

The Disappearance

The Disappearance

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