Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 121 – It Feels Like A Dream

Written by Wayne

I left Osooyoos this morning, sunny and clear out. I stopped in Keromeos where I’ve taken shots of some old cars before. Got a few more shots there, then drove the Princeton Highway through Hope and into Chilliwack where my other grandparents live. I’m there now, in a familiar house with family. It feels almost like I haven’t even left. Like the last 4 months just a blur of a dream.

It’s like I’ve woken from a really good dream feeling refreshed and enlightened. The weather here is so good that it makes feel like I should turn around and go again as it’s giving me that spring itch for movement and adventure. Yet the intellectual side on my brain wants a rest, a chance to move forward with the new things we’ve learned. So be it. I have some work to do but you can rest assured there will plans for another adventure in the works.

Until tomorrow,

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