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The Photos are Gone.

Written by Wayne

So the hard drive I dropped while in Ontario, the one containing my first 95 days worth of photos is dead and unrecoverable. After taking it to two reputable data recovery places here in Vancouver the consensus is that it was a “head crash”.

“Our lab has completed the evaluation of your unit. I regret to inform you that the drive was found to have a head crash, which the technicians have deemed unrecoverable. This is very unfortunate.

Head Crash occurs when the Head Disk Assembly comes in contact with the platters, physically erasing the data. In this type of situations, replacing the Head Disk Assembly will not work as once it reaches the scratched area the new head will fail as well.”

So over 3 months of driving, walking, hiking, sleeping in the truck and generally doing what I love to do has resulted in a huge kick in the face. It wouldn’t be so bad except for the fact that the reason for the trip was to build my photographic portfolio, to capture things that only driving across Canada’s back roads could produce. Then to have people become interested and excited, wanting prints and even a gallery show in Calgary. Now everything, is simply gone.

I’m sure some of you are wondering why I didn’t back everything up. Well because I couldn’t really afford to spend the money on the second hard drive. Or so I thought at the time. I guess some lessons are simply learned hard. Right now, I just have to fight to keep my financial head above water, with no help from the last 4 months of wasted work.

I’m sure I’ll be fine. At the time of writing this I’ve just gotten this news. Perhaps one day I can do this trip again.

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