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Open Call to Sponsors

To any and all company CEOs, advertising executives or anyone else who can see the potential in having your product or cause pasted on a vehicle that will be criss-crossing the continent — here’s your chance!

My name is Wayne, and this is my travel blog. In 2 and 1/2 months, September 15th 2010, I’m leaving my home in Vancouver, British Columbia, and taking an extended road trip for my photography. I’ll be taking this trip no matter what; the length of it depends only on its sustainability. But if all factors fall into place, I plan to be on the road for two to three years, as I plan to explore all four corners of North America, both in Canada and the U.S., including Alaska. Any sponsor on this trip will get a huge amount of exposure from coast to coast.

The advertising potential for this trip is exponentially increased because I plan to promote myself and my trip through all social media avenues. I already have an established professional and personal presence on facebook, a twitter feed, etc. I also have an online store for the sale of my photographic prints and on the new version of my personal website.

My travel blog has room for ads, and I’d be happy to promote a client as much as possible if they were to wrap my 2007 Nissan Xterra (or supply me with another vehicle) and help sponsor my journey. The longer I keep going, the more miles and curious faces see the truck, this site and the ads. I’m also printing promotional cards that I strategically distribute in places such as coffee shops, restaurants, pubs and other gathering spots to advertise my unique journey. I’d be happy to add a section on these cards to promote any sponsor. These cards have proven effective in generating interest and traffic to my blog; while on a similar Canadian road trip this past winter, lots of responses and major positive feedback on the blog were inspired by the cards.

I’ll also be promoting my adventure with local media, including websites, radio, TV and newspapers. I’d be certain to mention a sponsor in any interview or article.

This is a great opportunity for any company or cause to piggyback on my trip and share the experience and exposure. I’m an easy going guy who would make a great ambassador for almost any product ( I do have exceptions that I won’t touch). It’s a win-win, especially if a company offers products that could come in handy on road trips, such as GPS navigation, energy drinks, tires, photo gear or camera companies, oil, fuel, camping gear, hotel chains, etc.

If you or someone you know would be interested in such a collaboration, please contact me. Let’s talk!


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