Preparation Quiet Time Southwest USA 2010-2011

The Waiting

Written by Wayne

Well, I’m pretty much down to just waiting for the day I can leave. I still have a few things I’m doing but overall I’m just anxious to get going. Two good friends are marrying each other so I’m here until after September 10th regardless. After that, I’m gone.

I’ve been staying with friends and now family. My apartment is gone, my stuff is gone, I’m almost ready to go. Using this time to get a few more photo edits done and trying to drum up some more web work to do before and on the road.

Money is extremely tight, bringing new meaning to “flying by the seat of your pants”. I haven’t even gotten a few things I need yet because I can’t bear to watch the digits fall off my travel budget. I’m sending out emails and messages trying to drum up a sponsor who’d like to use my truck as a rolling billboard and have me as an ambassador for their company. That would take a little of the financial stress away from the trip. Which is the only part that is stressing me at all. I’m more than ready and excited for the rest of it.

Aside from that I’m just working away, adding things here, trying to link up with people and get my final ducks in a row. Soon. I will be on my way….somewhere.

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