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Hey Ellen, Do I have the BEST friends or what?

Written by Wayne

So as I’m editing my older shots and uploading to my store, creating merchandise to help fund my trip and counting down the days until I can finally leave the construction induced traffic congestion of the Greater Vancouver area and the self imposed disarray that my existence currently is, I logged onto Facebook this evening. There I found an incredibly heart warming surprise.

A few of my friends have started an event to try and get people to all bombard the producers of Ellen Degeneres’ TV show (via her website submission area) with nominations for me to be on her show one day to talk about my decision to throw everything to the wind, leave on my road trip and follow what I love to do. I think it’s a grand gesture and a great idea.

My simple decision to just say, well… “fuck it” and take a large leap of faith in my own ability and well known tenaciousness has somehow rallied up quite a few of my friends who all in their own ways have my back. I’m a humble guy. I don’t think I’m anything particularly out of the ordinary. I try to be a good friend to all close to me and people in general and over the years I’ve shed some very negative skin and emerged with a little more of a positive shine. Aside from that, I’m just a somewhat scattered creative guy who’s just wanting to create and be able to survive.

So to have people close to me conspire on my behalf really makes me feel incredible. If their plan does actually work and I end up on TV then so be it. I love the Ellen Show and what she does for ordinary people she finds on Youtube etc. I thinks she’s awesome! If it doesn’t work and I continue on my journey I’ll happily carry on my way knowing one thing for sure. I may be alone in the truck, but I’ll never be alone.

If anyone reading wants to join the email blast event on Facebook on September 19-20th, here is the link.

Thank you all for reading.
See you from the road,

Natural AC

Natural AC

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