Southwest USA 2010-2011 The Road

Days 1 and 2 – An Easy Start

Written by Wayne

By 8:40 am Chilliwack BC, was once again a spec in my rear view mirror. After saying my goodbyes to my grandparents whom have graciously given me a place to stay while I worked away on my older photos, riding out the time before my good friend’s wedding. September 11, the day after the wedding I felt nervous. A slight pit in my stomach as I realized that I was using Jes and Alec’s nuptials as a reason to stay. Once they had become one together and bounced away for their honeymoon I realized I now HAD no excuses. I was going. I prepped a little more last week and on Thursday I did a bunch of last minute errands and goodbye coffees with friends in Vancouver. Then after one more night in Chilliwack I was on my way.

However, the first couple of days have been kind of a false start in a way. I drove straight here to Calgary, anxious to get out of BC and away from the HST (I’ve still got supplies to get that I swore I wouldn’t buy in BC and get F-ed over by the HST). Anyway, I’m here and have delivered my TV and home theater system to my dear friend Anna who’s birthday it was today. I was happy to stay and celebrate that with her. I was able to have lunch with my good friend Iain and also got a chance to see a couple friends from the band days here at the bar they were playing at. How awesome is it that there are lots of places for musicians to play and make a little money here but Vancouver’s music scene is all but dead and nobody gives it shit. Sad really.

Tomorrow I plan to meet a couple more old friends here before I go, stopping for few aforementioned supplies on my way out of town. I’ve been welcomed to stay here another night but I’ve been stalling too long as it is. I need to get out on my own. As much as I like catching up with friends I just need to start being productive and get back in the groove that is my travel routine. I need to hike and explore and shoot. I need to feel the freedom of turning any direction the day my offer. I need to truly start this adventure.

With that said I’m not sure where I’m going from here. I’ve been thinking of some time in Waterton Lakes National Park so that may be an option. I may change my mind completely come tomorrow. Until then I need to get some sleep, my last in a bed for awhile. Funny how I’m happy about that.

Goodnight all,

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