Southwest USA 2010-2011 The Road

Day 3 and 4 – Calgary to Waterton Lakes

Written by Wayne

Well Sunday was filled with more “hello-goodbyes” as I met a few more friends and stopped and got a couple things I needed while still in Calgary. For those of you who followed my last road trip you’ll be happy to know I have TWO new hard-drives which will both be mirrored to each other so I will not lose any images this time around.

I made my way to Waterton National Park and am here in the small village within the park (in the truck). It rained most of the day today and the same is forecast tomorrow. It is beautiful here as the leaves are starting to turn colors and the sun did peak through for a few dramatic shots this afternoon but I may just find myself South of the border by this time tomorrow.

I know it’s still early in this trip but I feel like I haven’t found my legs yet. I feel unorganized, the camera feels clumsy and awkward in my hands. My ability to handle my camera and tripod like a western movie gunslinger by the end of my last trip has somehow been replaced by an awkward jackass reminiscent of a Jerry Lewis movie about a spastic bellhop. I’m not comfortable yet, the truck isn’t packed right, I didn’t get a cheap digital video camera for the videos I want to do because I just can’t justify the cost yet, I realized this afternoon I haven’t even purchased any food supplies yet. I feel nervous, somewhat crazy and not yet connected to this journey. It somehow feels forced, there isn’t any flow. I’m worried about a few things, mainly the money part of it which I keep telling myself will come as I need it.

On that note I have a couple lines on new web work projects albeit low budget. Better than nothing.

I think everything will come together as I gain some momentum. It’s just early jitters (at least that’s what I’m telling myself). I did have a very cool dinner tonight though. Parked by one of these lakes in the truck eating a Subway sandwich and listening to Roy Forbes spin some old blues (78 speed LPs) on CKUA while about 20 deer calmly hung around within feet of the truck. It was a a moment I hope to have more of.

I’m still looking for sponsors who’d be interested in advertising on the truck and/or this blog so keep that bug in your ear if you know of any companies that could use some advertising alongside this crazy journey.

I guess that’s it for tonight. My ramblings as scattered as my last couple of days.
Be well friends,

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