Southwest USA 2010-2011 The Road

Day 5 – Snow, Rain & A Pleasant Border Experience.

Slow Down
Written by Wayne

Yeah you didn’t misread it and I didn’t mistype it. I had a very pleasant and encouraging border experience today at the Chief Mountain crossing. Chosen because I was already in the freshly snow covered Waterton Lake National Park and it was the closest crossing. I was asked the standard questions and wasn’t about to lie about anything as my whole journey, story and purpose for traveling is all out here for you all to read. They were concerned about the fact that (on paper) I don’t have a lot of things in Canada to come back to. Both the initial woman and the gentleman behind the counter were pleasant and courteous. They put me on a card with a date that says I have to be back in Canada on or before January 10th, 2011. I have to return this card into the US Customs people at the crossing I go back over. This also will show up on my file so that when I want to enter the states later on in my journey I will have some confirmed background that I’m just a traveling photographer looking to see both sides of the border.

So as I touched on I woke up to snow in Waterton Park this morning. Big fluffy flakes started falling just before I went to sleep last night and keep up through the night. It would have made for some awesome shots as the trees still have the yellow leaves on them, combine that with the snow and it was very nice morning. A low fog unfortunately made it impossible to see the majestic mountains behind the lake and snow covered amber treeline. I got bored and figured I get on my way.

I also met two guys from Germany driving some large diesel burning military type machine. I’d seen it in the village last night and ran into them today and was able to have a short chat with them. They cargo shipped it over from Germany to Halifax where they started their journeys years ago. The two of them have been all over North America as well. Taking breaks in between road trips by storage-parking their beast and flying back. Later to join their truck for another road trip.

The contraption the German fellows were driving.

The contraption the German fellows were driving.

I’m now in Libby Montana for the night. Forecast is supposed to be good for tomorrow and I’m anxious to shoot. Despite the rain today I didn’t see a whole lot that I wanted to stop and shoot anyway so I guess it was just one of those travel days. Perhaps Thursday I’ll make a stop for some editing and promotion work and I also have a few small things to do to get started on some web work.

All is well, goodnight from Montana.

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