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Dog Bark Park!

Dog Bark Park, Cottonwood Idaho
Written by Wayne

Today as I traveled along Highway 95 South through Idaho between Lewiston and Grangeville in a little town called Cottonwood I noticed something that I had to stop and see. A very large dog on the side of the road. Not one that you’d normally pet (although I guess you could if you wanted), I’m talking about a dog so big you can sleep in it. The world’s biggest beagle to be exact.

As I pulled into the yard where this large dog resided I saw that it was indeed a bed and breakfast and that there was a small gift/workshop beside it. I went inside and was met by Dennis (covered in sawdust) and Frances. The proprietors of this small business are the most warm and welcoming people. Dennis Sullivan built the large dog apartment (for lack of a better word), after himself and Frances came up with the idea over a long dinner one night.

Inside the Dog

Inside the Dog


DennisDennis showed me inside the dog, a cozy little hotel room with the main sleeping area in the belly, A cozy reading or kids area up a ladder into the head of the dog and then, cleverly built in the back of the dog was the very large full bathroom. Dennis told me that during the summer months the dog apartment is booked months in advance and usually runs at about 90% occupancy. Outside in the yard are many of Dennis and Frances’ carvings which they has been creating since giving up their former careers 13 years ago to be more creative. Dennis was in the construction business. Frances, who was previously employed in the corporate world and both now seem happy and content creating and selling wood chainsaw carvings that supplement the income from the popular dog bed and breakfast.

It seems that their little creation has become quite popular over the years, featured in more magazines and television shows than I can list here as well as many books about North American road trips etc. They’ve had guests from all over the world come and stay in the dog, when I was chatting with Dennis the four ladies who were spending that night in the dog arrived and got settled in. Before I left I took a few more pics for this post and they were already enjoying the evening on the raised patio outside the doggy entrance.

Another Carving

Another of the Carvings at Dog Bark park.

Both Dennis and Frances have an incredible energy, willing to take time and talk with curious people like myself who stop by. Like Dennis put it, He looks as people who stop by as visitors, not as customers. Not everyone wants to buy a carving so he just lets them come and visit, hang out and see what the yard has to offer. As I was getting my photos for this article Dennis and Frances locked up shop and were heading to nearby Grangeville to the UPS outlet to send off a carving. Two people doing their thing and having fun together. What more could anyone want?

To contact or visit Frances and Dennis and see their amazing creations check out their website.

Dog Bark Park/Inn Bed & Breakfast
2421 Business Hwy 95 at the Dog
Cottonwood, ID 83522

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