Southwest USA 2010-2011 The Road

Day 9 – Slow Moving to Boise

Lonely Sounds
Written by Wayne

Waking beside the Salmon River just outside of White Bird Idaho I carried on my way through Salmon River Canyon. I stopped a few places to enjoy the riverside and took a few shots. One thing I noticed that was a little annoying is that in most places the road was on one side of the river and the power lines and poles were on the other. This made getting nice, wide, clean natural shots a little difficult. Oh well, it was beautiful anyway and a nice sunny hot day.

As I came into New Meadows I was reminded that I was looking for coffee by the big “Espresso” sign I saw outside of the Roadhouse Java coffee shop. I went in and was greeted by Jeff. Jeff was a fairly quiet guy who I found out moved there from Utah as the traffic in the Salt Lake area was getting to him. When asked what brought him to Idaho he just pointed out the window and said “All this. I love the mountains”. I agree, it was a nice stop and I too was happy to be there at that moment and not churning away in my box in downtown Vancouver or trying to negotiate my way through the construction that is around every turn in the greater Vancouver area these days. Anyway, back to Jeff and The Roadhouse. They have WIFI so I decided to get some writing done, finishing off my piece on the Dog Bark Park and my update for yesterday. While I sat in the corner Jeff greeted everyone from locals needing their “fix” to tourists looking to rent a room in the adjacent motel. One fellow had three questions regarding the rooms having TVs and that they got the channel for tonight’s college football game being broadcast from Boise State University against Oregon State. This is how I came to know about the game in Boise.

So while in or passing through New Meadows Idaho be sure to stop and say hello to Jeff at Roadhouse Java. Awesome coffee from a guy that really appreciates the business.

Road House Java
HWY 95 North
New Meadows, Idaho

Onward I went wandering some rural farm roads and looking for some old houses etc. Must not have been my day but the pickins were slim today for photos. I made my way into Boise and explored down town a little, then while heading out of the core I went by the stadium where the game was on and was blown away by what I saw. The whole area was a excited hum of football fueled energy. This college game and the enthusiasm that these fans put into their team makes our CFL look pretty weak in comparison. Perhaps I’m just mislead because of what I’ve witnessed with the BC Lions but these people are nuts for their football. Congrats to Boise for the win too!

Anyway. I’ve located the Walmart that will be home tonight and I may do some edits in a library tomorrow for the majority of the day. I guess it all depends how I feel when I wake up, and if there’s one open.

Night from Boise.

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