Southwest USA 2010-2011 The Road

Day 10 – Hanging in Boise

Ode To Neil Young
Written by Wayne

Well, I sat in a Starbucks and worked on photos. As I’m going and shooting I’m trying to be more selective with my shots but the other side of me says to get as much coverage as possible as I may not be there again. So come the time to go through and select the best shots to put in my store and show the world and my head begins to hurt.

So after a few hours staring at my screen I decided to move on getting as far as the interstate junction where I found the Travel center America an opted for a shower. Usually $10.00 I was waiting my turn at the machine that dispenses the tickets and assigns you a shower room and a friendly trucker with an Eastern European accent asked if was getting a shower. I replied yes and he graciously ran one through on his points card as he said he got a bunch of extra points that day. My second experience of a real random act of kindness so far on this trip and so out of the blue. My first, which I forgot to mention in my earlier post was when Dennis at the Dog Bark Park offered his little Block Master’s cabin for me to stay in. I declined simply because I hadn’t seen enough that day and wanted to keep going.

So cleaned up and freshly shaven I drove through the sunset hoping looking for a great shot but I was late getting into the Bruneau Dunes State Park. I took a look around then went back out to a roadside turnout on the main road to sleep as I don’t have the money to spend on State Park camping spots right now.

As the moon lit up the sagebrush and the trees I could hear the howling of coyotes in the distance. It was a surreal finish to the day.

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