Southwest USA 2010-2011 The Road

Day 17 – Another Day in The Arches

Mesa Arch, Utah
Written by Wayne

At time of writing this I’m in the Moab Laundry washing my shorts. No really I ran out of clean shorts, not underwear shorts but the short legged pant variety. It’s been so hot the last couple of weeks that I needed to get some washing done.

I spent all day hiking around in the heat shooting the arches in Arches National Park again. What a truly awesome place. The minimum park entrance is 10 but that gets you 7 days to wander, come and go as you please. I just finished day 2 and feel exhausted. Partially just because of the heat but I’m also not that in shape anymore. Working on that every day. Even as my body wanted to quit today, making up excuses about the storm moving in I shot until dark, about 10 gigs of bracketed RAW images. I’m currently transferring them all over to the hard-drives as I write this…and do my laundry. Oh yes, a multi-tasker I am.

We all got denied a sunset today in the park as about 4pm a huge gray storm cloud rolled in from the west and filled the Western sky. As I was coming out of the park into Moab I noticed lightning in 3 out of 4 directions. I considered going back in for another attempt at a night shoot, possibly getting lightning shots but I’m spent right now. I have plans to go in before sunrise as I want to capture one of the arches under Eastern morning light. So maybe, if I can fore-go a few hours sleep I’ll go back in early if it’s still stormy.

So, from the 24 hr Laundromat in Moab Utah, over and out for tonight.
You can find me schlepping my gear around the Arches National Park again tomorrow.

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