Southwest USA 2010-2011 The Road

Day 20 – Welcome to My Office, The Moab Library

Written by Wayne

Waking up in a bed this morning was surreal. Partly because it was a real comfy bed and partially because I only got to enjoy it for about five and half hours. The ladies had to be at the airport early and therefore we were up and out of their rental house by about 6:15 AM. I had stayed up a little later to utilize plentiful workspace and power outlets to fire up the hard drives and get all my back-ups up to date.

After saying our farewells I left Deb and Joanne to head back into Moab. Since I was up before dawn I was considering going to the Corona Arch they had told me about but it had been raining all night and still drizzling. I drove back into Moab to the library but still had over 2 hours before it was open. I cozied up in my hoodie and got a couple more ours sleep in the font seat. When I woke up the sun was out again but that changed again by mid afternoon.

Once in the library I was a happy camper. They have nice work stations with ergonomic computer chairs and power outlets. It was quiet and comfortable. I got a lot of edits done but then started working on my first video. The video editing software that came with the video camera of course sucks and Windows Movie Maker doesn’t handle Mpeg-2 video files. So I ‘m about half way through converting them to AVI files. I’m staying in Moab again tonight and will be back at the library tomorrow for another work day. Actually parked across the street from it as I write this.

It’s funny, after being alone for two weeks and then hanging out with a couple of new friends for a while there was a part of me that actually feels a little lonely tonight. I’m positive I’ll be fine once I get out on the road again, just need to get these necessary editing hours out of the way. I have to accept and get used the fact that it’s not all shooting, even though that is the part I love best.

So from Moab one more time I bid you all goodnight.

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