Southwest USA 2010-2011 The Road

Day 22 – Three Weeks in and I’m Still Going

Written by Wayne

Remaining optimistic and faithful that something is around the corner that will help perpetuate this trip in a forward motion is a hard thing to do. I find it hard to visualize what I can’t already see. Most people look at their existence and can gauge what is going to happen in the next few months, I don’t have that luxury out here. I keep telling myself that some web work will come in, the Indiegogo project will take off, that perhaps more people might become interested in my photography work and actually buy some. Don’t get me wrong, people have been good to me, more than I ever expected from my friends. I guess it is still early. I just know what I have left as far as budget and how long it will hopefully last. It’s a scary reflection, the unsure one.

I’m still in Moab Utah. I had a hard time getting stuff done recently as I was concentrating on the video aspect and getting nowhere. Today I did manage to get a bunch of edits done and even now I’m still uploading shots to my store etc.

Tomorrow at some point I’m leaving Moab. I like Moab, it’s a nice little tourist town with a few cool shops. I wandered a bit tonight after the library closed and spent some time perusing in the Beyond Books bookstore. So many gems in there from geology books of the area to biographies on wild west bank robbers to books on how to find many more of the less popular arches in the park. Not much in the way of good coffee shops that I could see but that’s just one aspect of what makes a good town in my caffeine addled mind.

So I need a change of scenery even if it ends up being another library 40 miles down the road. I’ve got so many shots to take and miles to see yet. I just hope that somehow I’m worrying all for nothing. One day at a time right? I guess only the future knows what the future holds.

We’ll start with tomorrow.

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  • Thanks Debbie, I just have these days where I have a hard time being totally positive. Overall I think I can do this, it’s just scary when I don’t know how it’s going to happen.

    A learning experience as well as a life one.

    Keep well,

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