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Day 27 – Thanks to The Seattle Grind (In Winslow)

Seattle Grind, Winslow Arizona
Written by Wayne

I don’t have a lot to report today as I mainly hung around The Seattle Grind coffee shop (and gallery) and edited some shots. Jim the owner is a gracious host and let me loiter. It was a pretty slow day all around. I got some work done but am still so far behind. Oh well, a lot of shots are better then no shots. I’ll take having too many over none any day.

I did check out the La Posada Hotel after Jim closed up shop (on his recommendation). It’s an old hotel down the street from the main “corner” here in Winslow. It’s been around since the 30s and is pretty impressive. It’s filled with incredible artwork, paintings, carvings, handmade furniture, sculptures etc. A real art haven. I guess you’d call it a boutique hotel, it’s very nice, warm and cozy. Obviously I wasn’t staying there but was able to wander and get some shots (more to edit), and will post some here soon. The vibe was relaxed and quirky, lots of side rooms and sitting areas to explore and relax in.

After that I shot a few shots of “the corner” as dusk set in and made my way closer to Walmart where I’ll be parking again tonight. Just using the wi-fi at McDonalds for a bit then off to sleep.

Tomorrow I think I’ll need to move along. I have a few single shots to get before I head out but then I’ll be back on the road. Not sure where I’ll hang the car keys tomorrow.

Cheers from the road.

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