Southwest USA 2010-2011 The Road

Day 29 – From A Campfire to Phoenix

Cruel Sun
Written by Wayne

By the time I did a little organizing and some cleaning of the truck while still in my campsite it was about 1pm when I started on my way today. After last night’s time with my thoughts and my refreshed positive outlook on this trip I thoroughly enjoyed my my drive through the hills of the Coconino and Tonto National Forests down into Phoenix. A little rain and some sun, some warm winds and then when all the cactus’ started to appear across the landscape my day was made.

I looked for the library in Phoenix but found it closed on Fridays. Around the corner is a Starbucks which has been a great decision. I bought a coffee on my Starbucks card and was told if I filled out a survey online I get a freebie. Score! Then as I sit here editing one of the girls says they have extra stock in their pastries and treats and I’ve gotten a few free “samples”. Let’s just say I have breakfast covered for a few days.

I’m listening to the Canucks game, streaming on my headphones as I edit photos and chill. I’ve located the nearest Walmart so I have a good idea where I’ll be parking later tonight. I have plans to work in the library tomorrow, wanting to get these photos up to date and also get the second video started.

Life is good, my mind is clear and I feel refreshed. Definitely feeling that I need a little more nights like last night, alone with my thoughts to reflect and realize that even though money is tight this is a trip to be enjoyed and absorbed into my memories. I have to take the time to enjoy what I’ve seen and not worry so much about the future. The future will be what it is on it’s own without my fretting about it. Most likely will be a better version when I’m not worrying about it.

So I’ll be online somewhat tomorrow and possibly Sunday. I look forward to showing everyone some new shots.

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