Southwest USA 2010-2011 The Road

Day 30 – A Quiet Day Editing Photos

Written by Wayne

Not a whole lot happened today. I woke up, gathered myself up and plunked myself down in the Phoenix library until they closed at 5pm. I got a bunch of stuff edited yet still have a lot to do if I really want to be “thorough”. I’m starting to get a little pickier which photos get to be seen which is probably better anyway as I tend to take too much coverage. Time to start only posting the best.

After the library closed I went back to Starbucks and used my free coffee and continued working on stuff. Now I’m going to hit the Walmart parking lot, watch a movie and get some sleep. I’m going to try and grab a shower tomorrow as it’s time. It’s been really hot at night here and I don’t want to start smelling bad. I’ve researched the local truck-stops, just have to hit the interstate for a few miles and I’ll be golden. So yeah, not an exciting day but productive.

Until next time, Cheers from Phoenix.

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