Southwest USA 2010-2011 The Road

Day 33 – Whitmann & Prescott Arizona

Written by Wayne

I left Phoenix and started on my way North out of Phoenix. I wasn’t sure which direction to head and part of me wanted to go further South but I was apprehensive after looking at the current budget. So I flipped the coin to see.

I got as far as Whitmann. Soon I was talking to Reed who runs his wrecking yard there. A sprawling sea of junked cars, trucks, boats etc. I asked if it was alright to shoot some photos and he said that I have to pay the admission fee. It’s usually a 12 pack of soda but because I was new he’d settle for a 6 pack. Because he apparently gets a lot of requests for photo access his rates are set at a 12 pack of soda per photographer and/or model. He doesn’t like diet soda and doesn’t want beer. After going to the nearby store and purchasing a 3 dollar six pack of Coke I wandered around in the afternoon sun and got a few shots. A lot of his junk is newer so not all that interesting to me but I did manage a few shots of the old carcasses he has of some pre 80’s gems.

After that I just drove along the 89 highway away through the winding mountain roads into Prescott. What a nice little town nestled here in the hills. Current home to The Captain and Tennille I saw on the city website. I found the library and worked on a few shots while listening to the Vancouver Canucks fail miserably in Minnesota. Then I found the Walmart for a cool nights sleep.

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