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Day 37 – Horseshoe Bend & Glen Canyon Dam

Horseshoe bend
Written by Wayne

I woke up before sunrise to my alarm as I wanted to see what the morning light on Horseshoe Bend near Page would look like. Unfortunately the sky was gray with clouds and it was starting to rain so I went back to sleep for a couple more hours. When I woke up it had just finished raining and the sky was cloudy with a few breaks so I made my way down the road to Horseshoe Bend.

What an amazing sight! You can literally stand on the cliff edge of the canyon and look down into the horse shoe shaped curve of the Colorado River. I got a couple shots framed up and waited for the sun to break through the clouds. I was blessed with a few minutes of great light but then it was gone. I waited some more but the skies just got darker and more solid with cloud so I packed it up.

I stopped on my way in and asked at the trail head for the Antelope Canyon tours about the costs involved. For just the lower canyon it’s the $6.00 permit (good for both upper and lower) and $20 for a guide. At the upper canyon it’s $25 for the guide and another $6.00 for the permit if you haven’t gotten one yet. There’s many tour companies in Page that offer tours and photographer tours but I definitely can’t afford those. My budget is so slim right now that I may not be able to swing this. It’ll depend on the weather and how I feel about tomorrow. Especially since the shafts of light don’t appear in the canyons this time of year because of the different angle of the earth to the sun.

After checking that out I went back into Page and out the other side coming upon Glen Canyon Dam. I stopped out of curiosity but dams aren’t really my thing, besides I had some time to kill and wasn’t sure what else to do. I took a few shots from the viewpoint and walked into the visitors center. They were calling for a tour of the dam which was $5.00. It felt like a good idea so I took the tour. It was interesting and informative and allowed me to get a few cool shots.

After the dam I wandered a little along the shores of Lake Powell as the sun set behind a few broken clouds. An interesting day if not all that productive. I really enjoyed the view from Horseshoe Bend and may try another stop there tomorrow.

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