Southwest USA 2010-2011 The Road

Day 48 – Vegas to Barstow

Bottle Trees
Written by Wayne

My friend Nancy got into Las Vegas last night and after getting her settled in a room which she graciously shared with me she demanded we drink. I wasn’t about to argue so we had a few beers, a walk around the strip and a got a lot of talking in. It was good to catch up with my good friend.

Feeling a little groggy until after getting some food we got going to take some photos. We decided on a loop consisting of Barstow California, maybe Victorville, some Route 66 working our way back up to Vegas for Nancy’s Saturday afternoon flight back to Vancouver. After checking out the worlds tallest thermometer and the Alien Fresh Jerky store in Baker where Nancy picked up some “Abducted Cow Teriyaki Jerky we continued on to the ghost town of Calico and got as many shots in before we lost the afternoon light. Did some more night shots in Barstow near the Route 66 Motel where we got a room.

Alien Fresh

Alien Fresh

So with her generosity I’m able to see some more sights and get some more shots. I’m a very lucky guy to have such good friends like her, and like Pete who has welcomed me to come back and stay with him and Shorty while I try to line up more web work.

With that said I do have an opportunity to go North and work at Christina Lake, Alberta depending how things work out with my proposal on the government photography contract. So short of a miracle to keep me on the road it looks like this ride may be over soon and my life will change drastically with a new chapter of some form.

I welcome all the opportunities with an open mind, trying to be as they say, “like water” and not resist as I feel there are great new things just around the corner, I just may not know what paths will lead to me to them.

Until next time, Goodnight.

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