Southwest USA 2010-2011 The Road

Day 50 – The Beginning of the End.

Written by Wayne

This morning was spent wandering around Las Vegas with Nancy before it was time to get her to the airport for her flight back to Vancouver. I took her to Mandalay Bay to see Peter Lik’s gallery which is somewhat where I was inspired to pursue my photography more vigorously.

Back in late 2006 I had stumbled across Peter’s gallery and was amazed at the sheer size and emotion of his awesome work. I’ve visited a couple times but fear I may not ever go back as today’s experience was quite disappointing on a few levels. Firstly, we weren’t in the gallery more than 40 seconds when one of the salesman was all over us. Asking which one we liked, which one we’d like to put in our houses. Fuck, perhaps if we actually had a chance to look at them we’d be able to answer him. If he only knew who he was talking to. I don’t even have a home. Nancy was blown away by Peter’s work as I figured she would be and was trying to look at and enjoy the pieces but this asshole salesman wouldn’t leave her alone. He kept coming back leaning on us for some indication that we wanted to “buy”. Apparently he’s on commission. I was very unimpressed and disappointed.

Secondly, as we were leaving I was washed with a negative angry feeling, one based from envy I guess. Here is this guy, he has numerous galleries, selling his work for thousands of dollars (a large piece on the back wall was priced at $125,000 because it’s the second last one of the series available), he’s traveling the world which includes road trips like the one I’m attempting, shooting what he finds and sees, doing exactly what I dream of doing. Meanwhile, I can’t seem to sell a print for $100 lately.

As I attempted to stop feeling sorry for myself I took Nancy to the airport and said goodbye. I was filled with mixed emotions because by the looks of things I may be seeing her and most of my friends again soon as this whole road trip is basically over.

I’m not only out of money but my already flailing finances have now sunk to a subterranean level. I’m not going to get into details but basically once I figure out how I’m going to get home I’ll be straight-lining myself back to British Columbia where I’ll wait for word on my government proposal. If I don’t get that I’ll be doing what I need to get myself to the Alberta oil sands where I can at least work.

Aside from a few issues with my pride I’m trying to remain positive that this is what is supposed to happen. Maybe I wasn’t supposed
do this yet. Maybe I took on too much too early. Whatever the reason I’ve learned things about myself, about what it takes to do this. Perhaps one day I’ll try again when I have a solid budget to fund the whole thing myself and not worry about the “money” part since that has been the only downside to living this way. I’d do it again in an instant.

Until then, I’ll update this blog along my way home if there’s anything interesting to report. After that it all depends on what I end up doing and where I physically end up. Everything is up in the air right now, open for whatever the universe has in store for me.

Thanks to all who followed and the few friends that helped out along the way. I really couldn’t have gotten even this far without you.

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  • Wayne, please travel safely and keep us updated on your life. You are a great guy with loads of talent and will find that the universe will reward you in the end. Keep the faith.

    • Thanks Debbie, I’m optimistic that good things are just around the corner and that eventually I will be traveling again. It may be awhile but that’s okay. It just means I’ll be better prepared to keep going.

      My trip was a great experience even though it wasn’t as long as I had hoped. I met lots of great people and had a good time getting shots I would have never gotten sitting at home. Life goes on, things change, we’ll soon what’s in store for me next.

      Take care and I’ll stay in touch,
      All the best,

  • Well if you come up to the Oil Sands then you can save your loonies and come to Antarctica with me! The photography experience of a lifetime. February 2012!

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