Southwest USA 2010-2011 The Road

Day 55 – Saying Goodbye to Las Vegas

Treasure Island Las Vegas
Written by Wayne

My friend Pete has been a gracious host here in Las Vegas. He’s let me hang out at his place and work on my proposal for the government photography job that I’m trying to get. I’m almost done it, a few fine tunings and then I have to figure out what photos to include. That will be a difficult process.

Since this whole trip has changed and my life may be starting a new (but exciting) chapter I decided with a little nudging by a friend that I’m going to wander my way home along the ocean. Tomorrow I will be on my way once again, planning to leave Las Vegas by around 11am. A final few days along the California and Oregon coast will do me some good. My frame of mind has been way better, so much so that I really want this new photography opportunity as it sounds like a good fit for me. Some money coming in for a change and some extra time to evolve as a photographer in between the other work. We’ll see, my fingers are crossed.

So there’s a short update, not much has happened here at Pete’s other than hanging out with him and the guys in his band whom I also know form my days working here. It’s been a good break but I must get going. Will update a few more times from the coastal trip home.

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