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Burning Man or Bust

The Dusty Junk Art Car
Written by Wayne

So 2012 is the year. Finally after missing the ticket sales, not having the time or the money or simply not being in the right head space before, this year is the year. Despite the messed up situation with the “ticket lottery” that is leaving some people hanging in the lurch I was blessed with a ticket. I’m going to Burning Man 2012.

I have the time off work, have been writing my checklist etc already and am extremely happy. Of course I’m excited to take my camera as well. Some of the images I’ve seen from previous burns are just breathtakingly beautiful and surreal and I want a chance to experience and capture the 7 day adventure that is TTITD (That thing in the desert). Considering part of the festival is about sustaining one’s self in the desert for a week I have a lot to learn. Some of my road trip skills will come in handy but I was never really THAT far away from a fresh coffee if I needed one. This is going to be different. Exciting and different.

As part of the Burning Man culture, while meeting new people and checking out their art, shade spaces etc it’s customary to “gift” someone something, perhaps a small trinket, a beer, almost anything. For me I’ve been working on an idea that will allow me to meet new people, capture portraits of Burners and gift them something all at the same time. I hope to get random Burners that I meet to allow me to take their portrait out on the playa. Once home, I will make available their edited portrait to download or will email it to them. To remind them of my gift I will give them a small print of one of my shots from my previous travels with a stamped url on the back when I meet them. So far, this is my plan.

I am simply excited and elated to be going. Over the last few years I think that I’ve been in a confused state of “there has to be more to life than THIS” and as I’ve read books on energy and flow I now realize that I didn’t get to Burning Man sooner because I wasn’t supposed to. But obviously, this year is different and I’m truly looking forward to what the desert, the playa, the people I meet and that tall fiery fellow all have in store for me.

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