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Let Friends, Family & Followers Know Where You Are

Written by Wayne

Let’s face it, a lot of us travel alone. Like myself, some of us are gone for weeks, sometimes months at a time, wandering aimlessly experiencing the journey, a lot of the time without a destination.

There have been times where not only have I been in very remote areas, there have been times where I’ve gone days without even passing by another human being. You soon realize how vulnerable you are when faced with the fact that there is no one else around for miles.

In today’s technological age there are many ways for us to know where “we” are via vehicle mounted and handheld GPS units but what if we wanted others to know where we are? To give friends and family a way to check in and see what part of the world we are in. I’ve been in many areas and weather where if I were to have broken down not only would I be stuck without cell service, a very long walk from any civilization, I’d also be at the mercy of winter weather. After seeing such movies as “127 Hours” one should definitely consider any option that allows our friends and family to keep an eye on us, especially if they haven’t heard from us in a few days.

I found one resource that will track your vehicle for you. Not only do they offer full commercial fleet vehicle tracking they also have a smaller service that will track individual vehicles.  Track Your Truck has a device and integrated GPS tracking service that allows your friends or family to look up your location via a personal computer and help track your location. Vehicle tracking GPS is especially handy if you NEED a rescue.

So for us road trip adventurers who don’t always stick to the beaten path we should all be considering a GPS tracking device for our next excursion. Do your due diligence and find one that suits your budget and your needs. It may just save your life.

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