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Burning Man 2013

Written by Wayne

My second pilgrimage to Black Rock City is in the books. It was even more amazing than the first. I knew what to expect this time, I knew more “what it was about”. Having a little more insight really helped me open my heart to it and taught me to enjoy the moments I found myself in. This year I simply found myself being myself at Burning Man. Last year I felt pressured to deliver the message home, to chase down all the photographs I could yet somehow knowing that relaying the messages and experience of this event is neither my responsibility or even possible. One must go to Burning Man to even begin to know what it’s like.

Although the art and even the people can be captured and documented the energy, the beauty and love has to be experienced first hand. It is truly inexplicable.

I had a pleasant surprise pop up on my Google + with the announcement of a photo walk hosted by two photographers, one who has been a great inspiration to me over the past few years. Trey Ratcliff (www.stuckincustoms.com) and Cliff Baise who is amazing as well. Both were great hosts and Cliff even had his son dressed in a “very convincing” alien suit for the walk. I lost the group while doing my own thing at the Man but had a great time regardless. I’m feel blessed that I was able to participate. … and don’t worry, my photos are coming soon.

The small camp I was apart of this year consisted of some friends from last year’s huge undertaking. Our contribution to the city was a small “store” in a yurt that should have been condemned as we didn’t have enough of the proper tape to put it together properly. Inside our “store” we gifted items that many people forget to pack or run out of and the response was overwhelming. So much love comes back to you on the playa when you truly participate.

This was also the second year for my Portrait Cart. My roughly constructed bike cart that allows me to connect with people and take their “Burner Portraits“. It’s my gift back to the community and the response was even more well received than last year. I can wait to get to editing them and uploading them so all my new friends can download them.

So watch back here for more photos as I get going on editing, but first, I have to clean ALL THE THINGS, including my cameras.


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