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Written by Wayne

In preparing for the next road trip to launch in August of this year I’ve been more determined and focused than ever. In the process of narrowing my focus into multiple laser sized holes, zapping task after task into the “done” list, what astonishes me is how much I’m forced to reflect backward. By the time I launch this trip it will be 4 years of day job cubicle hell. Four years of paying off debt while upgrading my photography gear. Four years of learning to be a better photographer, a better social networker, and a businessman. Four years doing everything I can think of to give this next chapter of my photography career and life a better chance at success.

One thing I’ve realized through it all is that there is no way my life becomes the life I want without taking chances. Don’t get me wrong, my life has not been horrible. It has been “fine” with some pretty incredible moments and some really shitty ones. Such is how life goes. One thing that it hasn’t been most of the time was truly “mine”. Most of us aren’t living “our” lives. We’re caught up in what we think people will think about us, what society has deemed acceptable behaviour, what were taught in school to be normal conformity for the greater good. Well, that’s simply not me, never has been, hopefully never will be.

These trips have always been something that I needed to do. They are NOT simply “wants”. I need to be more in touch with things like the wind, the rain, the grass beneath my feet, the creatures that I meet. I need to take photographs of the natural wonders around us, of the objects that I find that have no new stories to tell as well as places and people I meet along the way. I have the need to give to others, not just existing to prolong my existence.

These are my journeys, journeys of a guy trying to find the life he needs.

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Welcome to my adventures. I am your host, your vagabond, your homeless traveling photographer who needs to see new things and keep moving. I am a photographer first, a writer second, a graphic designer and and a semi retired rock drummer. Check out the "about me" for more details.

These are my adventures, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and continue to follow along.

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