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Trailer Renos Coming Together, 24 Days and Counting!

More work on the front section of the trailer from the end of February 2016. It’s starting to take shape with the workstation countertop in and the paint almost done. Working on it after work each night and scheduling around the cold days gets pretty tiresome but as i write this I can’t complain as the results are looking good. (I’m a little ahead of you guys in the timeline but keep watching, I’ll have you caught up to real time very soon.) Thanks for watching, see you next episode.

Segment Time Markers:
Vintage Trailer Happiness: 01:29

Awesome Intro Music: Created specially for WOTR by Pedwell:
Intro “Boss” played by Aye Pancakes:

Vintage Trailer Happiness Segment Intro Music: “Funny Face” by DSMusic4Media (licensed through AudioJungle)
Other Music used (in order):
“Boogie Woogie Bed” – Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( (Youtube music library)
“Up Above” – Letterbox (Youtube music library)

Some sound effects provided by and

All camera work: Wayne Stadler
Photography by Wayne Stadler –
Edited by: Wayne Stadler

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