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RV Patching, Fixing, Painting and a Doctor Visit.

A longer video containing the renovation/repair work in the trailer over the last 3 weeks. Right up to where I take it into the professionals to get the systems checked/repaired. Some patching, some painting. Replacing wood in storage doors and oh, “it’s NOT a Tumour!” OK, maybe it is but nothing to worry about.

I can’t wait to hit the road and start making some real videos. Thank you all for hanging in and following along. It’s all part of the journey I guess. Cheers friends,

Segment Time Markers:
Vintage Trailer Happiness: 01:55

Awesome Intro Music: Created specially for WOTR by Pedwell:
Intro “Boss” played by Aye Pancakes:

Vintage Trailer Happiness segment intro music: “Funny Face” by DSMusic4Media (licensed through AudioJungle)
Some sound effects provided by and

All camera work: Wayne Stadler
Photography by Wayne Stadler –
Edited by: Wayne Stadler

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Welcome to my adventures. I am your host, your vagabond, your homeless traveling photographer who needs to see new things and keep moving. I am a photographer first, a writer second, a graphic designer and and a semi retired rock drummer. Check out the "about me" for more details.

These are my adventures, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and continue to follow along.

Much Love,

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