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Finally On The Road!

Written by Wayne

FINALLY! Five years of work, planning, dealing with debt, and learning about old beat up trailers, solar, and full-time RVing have finally lead to this. Here I go again!

It’s actually Day 3 but I’ve had lots of things still to do getting “ready” for the times ahead. Organizational duties, small purchases (like hooks to hang my keys and coat), stuff like that. Routines and the best way to do things like uploading YouTube videos etc. All things that one can read how others are doing them but each situation is different so you must adapt to how you work/travel. To be honest I feel somewhat like I haven’t really started yet but I have. A great overnight at Chain Lakes Provincial Park allowed me to unwind enough and reset. All while tweaking some of the small trailer things I need to do as I go.  There’s many more of those left.

The truck is towing the loaded trailer alright, we won’t be entering any cross country races but so far so good. The gas mileage is showing it though, so will keeping an eye on that, especially considering I have no gas gauge. I simply reset the secondary odometer each fill and what the miles. Would have gotten it fixed but at $700-900 to replace the whole sending unit (what used to be a sensor and an hours labor) there was no way. This is an “upgrade/molesting” Nissan figured we needed I guess.

So today I’m back at the library in Pincher Creek Alberta after a night in the Wally World parking lot, tending to my electronic duties and doing a little research on where to go from here. Was thinking Waterton Lakes National Park but all the campgrounds are still closed (and too pricey). Gonna look into other options close to hear and see what I find. I know Lundbreck Falls is on my list to photograph so may head that direction.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the YouTube Channel and follow along, things will get more interesting as I get some of the smaller details figured out and get into a routine of shooting both photos and video.

So that’s it for today, check back soon for the next update and watch for much more in the way of photos too.

Cheers Friends,



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