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The Start of Week Two!

Written by Wayne

Morning of Monday April 25th and my biggest “worry” right now is the rain. Not really stressed about it as I know what/where is the cause of the little leak I have and if I get out and prevent the water from pooling too much on the uneven roof I can actually prevent it from entering the spot it comes in. For the most part.

The rain is intermittent up here at the public land camping I found at the Castle River. Once I get a couple days of dry warm weather I’ll be up top dealing with this little annoyance.

Today is moving day. I’d be gone already but the video I edited last night is taking time to render. I was hoping to get two done as I’m behind a little being off the grid for the last few days but the second one will have to wait for tonight.

It’s weird, being totally unconnected. No cell signal, no wifi, just working on my photos and videos in complete silence and darkness at night. Granted I do have neighboring campers, and I’ve been out and about exploring with the truck and let friends know I’m ok etc but once back here it’s very isolating.

A nice little break but we hit the road again today, heading East a little in some form or another, not really sure. I’m curious to see what the weather is like down on the flats. Perhaps it’s the same?


Been editing photos I’ve taken over the last few days. It’s surprising how quickly I can amass an intimidating amount of shots to edit even on what I consider a few “quiet days” of finding subject matter. So lots of work to do and lots of photos coming as I find more and more To take and get further behind. Thanks for reading and following along friends, the ride has just begun. I look forward to many more miles with you.


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