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Words from a friend.

Written by Wayne

When it really comes down to it I’m a pretty humble guy. I don’t tend to think that what I’m doing here with this trip and this blog etc is all that spectacular. I share because I want to inspire people to get out and do it too. That’s about it in a nutshell. Sure, I’d love for it to do well because that would (hopefully) mean I can keep going doing what I’m doing.  I sometimes at a loss for words when the light is aimed in my direction, this is kind of one of those times.

A very close friend of mine, whom many of my followers know as Aye Pancakes let me stay at his house, renting a room from him while I got my shit together to get out and do this. He also writes a lot and has many a blog that should be checked out by everyone. If you like music be sure to follow The Music Omnivore.

This post however is about a different blog that Pancakes runs under another alias. It’s his self proclaimed inner chats to his dear friend who passed away years ago. It’s his therapy if you will.

Well one night after I had left on this new journey I received a message with a link. A link that made me both proud and sad. In this day and age of social media we all have a multitude of acquaintances but most of us have only a handful of true friends who get us, have our backs and will lends us their tools. Pancakes is one of mine and I already miss hanging out with him.

Dear Fiona  – “Envy” – Posted April 21, 2016.

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