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Bulwark Alberta, Remains of a small ghost town.

An exploratory tour of the remains of a tiny ghost town in Alberta named Bulwark (circa 1927-1960).

Intro Music: Created specially for WOTR by Pedwell
Intro “Boss”: Aye Pancakes

Other Music used (in order):
“Ether” – Silent Partner (Youtube music library)
“River Meditation” – by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (
“Disposable Arms” – Letter Box (Youtube music library)

All camera work: Wayne Stadler
Edited by: Wayne Stadler

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Welcome to my adventures. I am your host, your vagabond, your homeless traveling photographer who needs to see new things and keep moving. I am a photographer first, a writer second, a graphic designer and and a semi retired rock drummer. Check out the "about me" for more details.

These are my adventures, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and continue to follow along.

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  • My name is Gerald (Wayne) ferguson my father Garfield was a grain buyer in Bulwark in 1940 and that was were I started Grade one , I recall cattle drives through the main street and grain being delivered by wagon and 4 and 6 horse teams and also a big horse reck , and them putting down some of the horse right on the road . aswell the man that ran the cattle pound taking a group of the kids in a buggy to watch a herd of wild horses. some good and bad time , one bad time was getting shot in the butt with a BB gun .now that stung as Mom had to dig it out of a cheek ….the good old days..hahahaha

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