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Gratitude – My Heart Is Full.

Written by Wayne

As I wait in the line to board the next ferry to Vancouver Island I have some time to reflect on how blessed I truly am. Just today I was able to wake up in my trailer, join my friends Alec and Jes, Christopher and Phoenix for coffee and pancakes before I got ready to get back on the road and they started their busy day. It was great!

These last few weeks have been spent catching up with some friends and family, most I haven’t seen for 4-5 years because of my most recent stint in Alberta working the 9-5 job and preparing for this current adventure. I put the video creation on simmer and enjoyed my time with everyone, but was able to do some photography shoots for a few people who have always stepped up with their talents and friendship when I needed a little help. Mainly Alec, Brad and Shane from Pedwell. It was a joy to do some shoots with them and repay them for the music they spent time to create for my video intros.

So cool it was to meet up with my high school buddy Jamie who I haven’t seen in a long time yet we’re able to just pick up where we left off. Spending time with him and his wife Lisa was awesome. My brother Michael and Benjamin, My Grams and Gramps, My Aunt Tracy and Dave, LaDonna, Jeanne and Gerry, and Mark aka “Chippy”, all with so many adventures of their own to share and words of encouragement. I think I know where I get it from.

All in all I’ve been constantly reminded how lucky I am. From my “roomies” in Calgary, Teresa, Nancy, Iain and Joanne who put up with various levels of my chaos, to everyone who has offered up a place to park my tin can trailer allowing me to explore around or simply visit. To all my friends and family who let me know they support my crazy adventure, usually not realizing how well timed their kind words of encouragement are. You all mean the world to me and I appreciate immensely every kindness. Just as I stayed connected on social media from Calgary I will be right there with you all during the next parts of this grand adventure for as long as I can make it last.

Thank you for being in my corner. I truly Love you all.

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Welcome to my adventures. I am your host, your vagabond, your homeless traveling photographer who needs to see new things and keep moving. I am a photographer first, a writer second, a graphic designer and and a semi retired rock drummer. Check out the "about me" for more details.

These are my adventures, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and continue to follow along.

Much Love,


  • Just read this post now! I know, I’m a little behind!

    Both Benjamin and I love you and what you are doing!

    We wish we were able to do more to support, but you have clearly prepared for this journey and seem totally at peace and enjoying yourself! You have no idea how much this pleases me!!!

    Love you Wayner!

    Be careful in those United States of A “hole”! LOL

    Your brother,


    • Thank you Michael. I’m happy out here, just hoping something clicks soon so I can continue on. Need to sell lots’a prints etc. To be fair, all the people I’ve met so far down here have been gracious, friendly and kind. I will however refrain from talking politics with them. 🙂

  • As always, you speak true, inspiring words. You lead by example. How at peace the world would be if existence was simply grateful for everything, and needy of nothing. Thank you for being you, Wayne.

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