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Day 167 – Port Renfrew beaches and a little spill.

Written by Wayne

So I made it into Port Renfrew today and had a great day exploring the beaches and ocean shores there. Did the short hike to the Botany Bay and Botanical beaches and spent a lot of time on the rocks in between the two. It was an amazing day at 20 degrees Celsius and sunny, perfect for hiking. Got lots of shots and video so watch for those eventually once I get them edited.

One thing I did learn was to slow down a little. I was hopping along on rocks and logs all day and then as I was climbing a large stack of large driftwood logs that was part of the way off the beach to the actual path, I stepped on a large driftwood log that wasn’t resting on anything at one end and down I went into the hole between logs. My left foot was still on stable footing so of course this just sent me falling at an angle. I hit my lower back on another log as my camera backpack caught on it, keeping me from falling all the way through. Not a big deal, I’m fine, my camera gear is fine. I’ll have a bit of a tender spot on my lower back if not a bruise but other than that I’m okay. Just a reminder that even though I’m good on my feet, shit can still go sideways. Grateful it wasn’t worse. Lesson learned.

Today my latest video, about the Canso Bomber plane crash that I hiked up to, was featured on the British Columbia History FB Page. Pretty cool to be shared with a little intro too. Here’s the video.

Tomorrow is going to be editing day. Going to drink coffee and try to get as much done as possible as Friday is a driving and resettling day. Heading to Goldstream Provincial Park for the weekend.

So that’s about it for today. Hope everyone is well and thanks again for following along,



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