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Day 168 – Editing Day and Computer Bugs

Written by Wayne

Well I started the day off editing the next video and got it finished with lots of time left to upload it and get it queued etc. Well for some reason lately my Imac has been acting like some of the RAM may be dying, but “usually” only when I’m trying to connect to the internet. It’s doing really weird shit, like loading websites in Chrome except Facebook, but if I open FB in Safari all is fine. I don’t get it.

So I didn’t get the video uploaded yet tonight and pretty much ready to call it, as its not meant to be. This machine better not be dying though because I do not have the padding in the budget to replace it.

The bright spot in today was a great dinner on the deck overlooking the lake with Arlene and Daryl and their friend Jack. They’ve got a really nice spot here, I’m really grateful they shared it with me for the last few days.

Anyway, That’s it tonight. On to different digs tomorrow with no wifi so some work will have to wait.

Later friends,


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