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Day 175 – Driving until I find some sun.

October 6th 2016 is almost over. It rained hard all day. I drove most of it in the direction of South. I looked at the forecast and along the coast of Washington over the next 4 days it’s pretty much the same as today. Rain and more rain.

I’m not adverse to rain but when it’s coming down hard, so dark that my solar panels aren’t registering much in the way of power and everything I own is getting wet I deduced that I want to move on.

I left my cool little turnout spot just outside of Neah Bay and made my way to Forks, I assessed the situation a little further and it just made me keep going. I did stop at Ruby Beach and take some very rainy shots of the sea stacks and the waves, grey over grey, plastic baggie around the camera, wet clothes and wet shoes.

I can’t and won’t let it get me down. It’s October in the Northwest. I’m personally, simply, not in the mood for it. I need to get some video editing done as well as some stills. I’m not getting enough solar input during these kinds of days to make a dent in the work needed to be done at night. I did think it would be a little better but to be honest it was a pretty dark day, plus driving a narrow tree lined highway most of the day probably didn’t help either. No worries, I’ll catch up eventually.

So tomorrow I may just keep on driving. Drive until I hit some sunshine then reassess.

I’m just south of Aberdeen Washington tonight, South Bend I think it’s called. I have a wide turnout/parking lot that will work for some sleep.


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