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Day 176 – Astoria Oregon and more rain.

Written by Wayne

Today consisted of more driving, more rain, but I got a window of photo play time in just before and after the Astoria Bridge. I found some cool old pilings, a wrecked boat and once on the other side of the massive Astoria Bridge I explored the town of the same name which resides in Oregon. A quaint seaside town with much history. I kind of like it. It’s got a cool vibe, busy yet small. Old buildings and small businesses. Not too much in the way of the big chain franchises. The one being a McDonalds that looks like it’s from the late 80’s. There was a plaque by a lot that had a small building on it. The former residence of a theatre where Clark Gable started his acting career.

After a couple of cloudy hours there the rain returned and I continued my trek south, cutting across inland to just outside of Portland. A suburb named Cornelius, Oregon. I pulled into the Walmart here, got a few groceries and have been importing my photos and video for the last few hours. Everything since I left Campbell River.

As I was coming back to the trailer there was another couple in a truck and trailer parking close to me. I said hello and we chatted a bit. They are from Abbotsford, which is 15 minutes from the town I grew up in, in British Columbia. I asked where they were heading and they said Medford Oregon, for “In & Out”. Before I could ask if they meant the burger joint they said “two days ago we decided we wanted to go for burgers, In & Out burgers. Medford is the closest one” They also found a rock and gem show to attend as they’re both interested in that so it was a win win for them. I just love the spontaneity. That’s how to road trip!

I was considering loitering here for two nights and getting some editing/videos/etc done tomorrow but was visited by two members of the Cornelius Police. Very friendly, polite and understanding gents. I even talked about drones and cameras with the one. Walmart is fine with us parking here, I even asked. Apparently it’s the city that wants them to start cracking down on the overnight campers at this Wally World as it was part of the agreement that there would be no overnight parkers when the deal was made to build here. The officers didn’t kick us out but informed us and also agreed that there needs to be signs.

So here importing thousands of files, most likely late if my battery charge holds up.
Then back on the road tomorrow. Someday soon I’ll get another video edited. I hope.

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