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Day 179/180 – More editing but I’m making headway

Written by Wayne

I found a campground here in Mertyl Creek Oregon that is working for what I need right now. I rolled in yesterday afternoon after deciding to bite the bullet and pay for a few days of creature comforts while getting some work done. Usually I wouldn’t do this but because I’m so far behind on the videos, have another side video project that I’m working on and need to do some research/learning for parts of that I decided that having a solid base for a few nights with power, wifi and water was a good idea. I can work into the night without worries about the solar limitations. I’m not going to like the hit on the budget but so far it’s been worth the $20 bucks a night. Two videos uploaded, one queued for tomorrow, another uploading right now and queued for Friday. I should have another one edited by the time I crash tonight. Then I do it all again tomorrow.

Part of my justification of staying here was there’s also showers. I needed one in a bad way and also needed to get my wet clothes washed as well as they just weren’t drying out. So those errands got done yesterday while videos were rendering/uploading. Today I also got some keywording done on my Tumblr feed while this most recent video was rendering, that’s now good into mid November.

I’m going to break and make some quick dinner before tackling the next batch of clips. I’m hoping to be caught up by the time  leave here Thursday afternoon. Fingers crossed.

So watch for lots of new videos coming your way, one every other day until we’re all caught up. Then it’ll be time to move on again.

Cheers, W.


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