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Day 181/182 – Working on a side video project and more Oregon rain.

Written by Wayne

Not a whole lot to report tonight again. Been in the same paid camping spot in Mertyl Creek Oregon since the last post. Been working on a side video project for a friend of mine that will be revealed soon. It always takes longer than I think. I get optimistic about things and then run into something I need to learn to solve a problem. Open up google and 3 hours later I’m back working on what it was I was trying to overcome. No big deal, I have lots of time, it’s the extra budget I don’t have. Add that to a half day to render out the full project (twice) and I’m still here.

Anyway, learned a bunch of new skills and will hopefully have a nice little showcase piece when I’m done. I haven’t missed much here as it’s been raining and really windy all day. Fall has arrived in Oregon as most of the changing leaves are now OFF the trees. It’s been kind of nice being stationary for a bit, I’ve got a lot done but still have so much to do. Again, optimistic on how much time this all takes.

So not sure what the plan is yet. I have to wait and see how this round of the video goes. Once it’s done I can move on but I’m not leaving here until it is. I need it off my plate.

Hope everyone is well and warm and cozy this fall day.

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