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Day 188 – Like a dog in a field chasing squirrels

Written by Wayne

It’s been a couple of pretty uninspiring days until this afternoon. I’ve simply been meandering with the trailer south and Walmart camping, editing photos at night and not shooting anything new. With the generosity of new friends Mike and Nanette through a website named “Boondockers Welcome“, I was finally able to unhitch the truck from the trailer and go exploring. Every time, it’s like I’m being set free to roam.

Not to say that my unleashing didn’t start off very weird. You know how people say things happen in threes? Well today, three strange things happened in a short period of time, which had me questioning if I was actually asleep and dreaming because it was all very surreal.  I started out down the freeway, 3 lanes of traffic all moving at 60+ miles an hour. I was in the center lane, passing a long line of semi trucks when in a gap between them ahead I could see the start of an exit, and in the “V” of the pavement, a dog, standing over what appeared to be another blonde haired dog that had been hit. As we got closer, with traffic all around I could see the healthy dog start walking at a 90 degree angle towards the right lane of oncoming trucks. Not frantically stressed or disoriented but calm and almost full of intent. As we all approached in our separate lanes I lost sight of the dog but at what would make sense in timing was the sound of something hitting a solid chrome bumper of a moving semi truck.

As my brain reeled and attempted processing that event, literally  minutes later, a loud gunshot-like sound came from my left side and I watched in my side mirror as a woman in her sports sedan pulled to the side, having just blown a tire. I soon exited the freeway and in less than 20 minutes from those two events I was stopped and taking a shot. As I was walking back to my truck a motorhome whizzed by me, doing at least the 55mph speed limit with his RV sewer hose dragging and swinging behind him. Oblivious to it all.

I literally wasn’t sure what the hell was going on but it was a weird experience.

I soon found myself up in the hills east of the freeways, in a small semi ghost town called Hornitos. An old historic town that at one point had a population of around 15,000 back in the gold rush days. Today I’d be surprised if there are more than 15 people there.

On the way back to where my trailer is I was blessed with a beautiful sunset in the hills which I took advantage of by shooting with one lone tree in the foreground. It was a good day. I’m happy to have been out and about exploring with more in the next few days.

Time for some sleep, goodnight friends.


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