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Day 191 – On the move again with some unscheduled wandering

Written by Wayne

This post is brought to you by the free wifi at Taco Bell in Los Banos California.

I said my farewell to my gracious hosts, Mike and Nanette in Modesto. Part of the Boondockers Welcome website. Mike told me about all the places that I found yesterday, had he not I wouldn’t have found them and a couple of them were great photo material.

I started heading south down 99 and after stopping briefly at the rest area decided to check out a couple of “free camping” spots listed in an app I downloaded and tried once before. Just as before, the info in the Ultimate Campgrounds App was wrong. Two places that are listed as having dispersed dry camping have NO CAMPING at all, not even tents. So that’s 3 of 3 times this app has been wrong and useless. Literally driving 30 miles out of the way for nothing. So found the Walmart in Los Banos and here for the night. We’ll see what we find tomorrow.

Not much else new to report. Lots of new stuff to edit and upload and the next video needs to be put together as well. So I’ll be finding the time for that soon.

Goodnight Friends,


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