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Day 196 – A better day in the desert.

Written by Wayne

Today turned out to be a better day despite lots of driving and not as much photo subject matter as I had hoped. It rained last night so the morning started a little cloudy here in California. But as I got out and the sun burned off most of the cloud, (depending where you were) it turned out to be a beautiful yet windy day.

I wandered east into the hills and then down into the desert from Bakersfield. Found a few odds and ends in the derelict building department, Garlock California had a few of those for me. Saw a sign for a desert tortoise refuge so started across the desert to find it. I mean, across the desert where the sandy dirt roads are mostly for ATV’s and motocross bikers. It was fun, I did find the protect tortoise area but upon reading the signage and looking for myself it appears all the fine shelled friends go into hibernation in mid October. I did however see a large black spider and a couple of small lizards, but no tortoises.

From there I ventured on up to Pearsonville. This is where I attended a light painting/night photography workshop with the awesome Troy Paiva from Lost America and his colleague Joe Reifer.  I was considering staying until nightfall and revisiting some old junked cars but it would have been at least a 4 hour wait, as well, the moon is but a slice of light right now and the night work has better results with some sweet natural moonlight. I did look around however and have decided that I could essentially pull the trailer into a nearby turnout one day and after nightfall, go shooting. So perhaps in the spring on my way back up to Canada I’ll stop in for a night.

After that I made my way back to Bakersfield. Thinking tomorrow might just be an editing day. I’ve been burning through gas money way too fast. So if you like a shot and want a print, feel free to message me about it or peruse my portfolio/online store for lots of other options, some of them limited editions. Help me keep this thing going, I have so much more to shoot yet.

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