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Days 197 to 199 – Lots of Editing

Written by Wayne

Not a whole lot of interesting news to report here over the last couple of days. It’s been a lot of the behind the scenes work, mainly photo editing and today I’ll be working on the next couple of videos. Also had to run my backups, which when we’re talking about mass Terabytes of data, takes awhile.

The upside is I’m not spending gas money and get to work on some of the shots I’ve taken since crossing over into the USA. Bakersfield has had some rain as well the last couple of days (which of course they need) so it’s been a good time to cozy up and get some work done.

Not sure what my plans are for when I move on from here, still just playing it day by day, but it’s been great just moving at a slow, albeit full pace.

So that’s about it for this Halloween Day, have a great time tonight and stay safe out there.

Happy Halloween to you all!


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