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Days 200 and 201 – A visit with a friend and a movie set stop.

Written by Wayne

Yesterday started with saying farewell to my Boondockers Welcome hosts. Not because I was leaving Bakersfield, but because they were. Heading off to Laughlin Nevada for a week. They’re totally happy that I’m staying a little longer. It’s added security here at their house and they even said they’d be happy if I stayed even longer than I planned. So I might. Mainly because my budget took a serious hit in October. The exchange rate, the extra gas money spent getting away from the rain and a few incidentals lately like a headlight, an oil change etc. Now, my back brakes on the Xterra are squealing so that may be an issue I need to resolve. I know they where okay when I got them checked back in Calgary last winter but they were by no means 100%. So, there’s that….

I then ventured down to Lancaster California and had some time to kill before a dinner appointment. I dialled up my points of interest on the GPS and was excited that a stop I was looking forward to was so close. It was about 20 miles out of my way but still close in the scheme of things. So I ventured into the California desert. What was it, well let’s just say it’s a location from a Quentin Tarantino movie. You’ll have to wait for my video to find out which one. Watch for it soon.

I then met up with one of my lovely campmates from Burning Man, which I missed this year so it made it extra special to see her. We went for some sushi and chatted and caught up on Burning Man camp stuff and other things. It was awesome to hang out for awhile. I then made my way back to Bakersfield where I quietly edited another video. I’m going to have to find a library or Starbucks to upload these newest ones as I have no wifi here. (using my phone data to do these posts at night).

Today was a bit frustrating. I tried to find an adapter connector for my GoPro mic. I had one, but when I went to use it yesterday the damn adapter was no longer on the end of my mic cable. I lost it. Not impressed.

For some stupid reason GoPro decided that we need a micro USB adapter to use a mic with common 3.5mm jack on it. Dumbest money grab ever. Why, because NOBODY stocks the damn adapter. You can maybe order it from Best Buy but the guy today said it’s a cancelled item. Radio Shack, nope. The guy there said that Target has a big GoPro section, yeah no. It doesn’t. Went on Amazon to see if I can get one and have it sent to a pick-up point or locker here but nope, they don’t have any pick up points anywhere near here. So just as was finding the first one I had, the second one is proving to be just as much a pain in the ass.

Anyway, rant over. I’m just a little stressed as I’m feeling lately like all my hard work is just being wasted. I’m not going to get into here, that’s not what this is for. I’m just having one of those days.

Thanks for reading, all 6 of you.


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