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Days 203 to 205 – Some Resetting, Mind Clearing and Maintenance.

Written by Wayne

Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? Resetting. For me it’s not always that easy. I wish when I started to feel doubt or confusion I could literally just press a button and reboot back to factory settings. That said, I’m not sure I’d like to have to re-install my life over again.

The last few days I’ve been “kind of” chilling and reflecting. Still in Bakersfield as I was welcomed to stay by here in the driveway of my Boondockers Welcome hosts as they’re away until this week and liked having a presence here. I get a free place to park, they get a little free security at night. It’s a win win.

After the brake job the other day I was forced to look at my budget, my bank account and my plans. Even though it’s scary how little is really left in the grand scheme of things it’s still at minimum a few months left of this adventure. I’m still at a loss of what to do to generate more sales, more income. Started looking into remote work options back in the oversaturated design field again.

I haven’t shot anything in about 5 days. That said I edited and uploaded 4 videos, all caught up again. This I guess, is what I was referring to as slowing down. A few days running around exploring, a few days editing and working. The kind of chilling I referred to earlier means I actually shut down the work at around 8pm each of the last few nights. Mainly because I’m feeling a little eye fatigue as of late. Friday evening I checked out the First Friday Art Walk here in Bakersfield. I really liked the vibe, there was some great and “not so good” art along the walk but to each their own. Not much in the way of photography which made me wonder how my work would do in such an environment. Musings of a tired mind.

Tomorrow I move on. Heading East towards Barstow is about all I know at this point. We’ll see where I land by tomorrow night.

I’m feeling positive that something will come of this work, somewhat refreshed and ready for the next few months, whatever they may bring.


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