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Day 206 – Fun times with an old trailer. Not.

Written by Wayne

Today I left Bakersfield and started heading East. Went through the town of Mojave and while I was there I noticed at one stop that something was seriously messed up with the door and door frame of the trailer. I didn’t hit anything. It’s actually been glitchy for the last few weeks, not latching properly, popping open for no reason other than me moving around inside it.

Today, the bottom door frame piece came undone from the rest of the trailer. This is partially due to some sort of twisting/binding that’s happening. One piece of wall seems to be bowing out, pushing the door down. Well today the door frame completely let go.

So,… I spent three hours in the parking lot of a Home Depot in Barstow California, using my levelling jacks to lift the wall back into place so I could then reattach the bottom door frame to the bigger trailer frame with some longer heftier screws. It seems to have worked as the door now is back to 98% of what it was when I first bought this thing. It still seems a little askew but nothing like it was, plus it’s now closing and locking properly. Watch for an instalment of Vintage Trailer Happiness in one of my upcoming videos with all the gory details.

So,…who’s winning this election down here. I’m not seeing any celebrating here in the Walmart parking lot. I’m just glad it’s almost over. Say hello to the new boss, same as the old boss.


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