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Days 207 to 210 – Mixing it up in the desert.

Written by Wayne

The last few days have been a mix road life. After the door fixing fun Barstow and a night in a Walmart lot outside of Yucca Valley I visited a little tourist trap town aptly called Pioneer Town which was a fun little break from driving. I then drove to and found a nice free place to dry camp just outside of the south entrance to Joshua Tree National Park. From here I plan on exploring many different directions and areas. Yesterday I went back to an area I’m drawn to along the shores of the Salton Sea. Not sure what my attraction to this area is but I find it interesting. So yesterday I spent some time on the west shore, Desert Shores, Salton Sea Marina and Salton City which has actually grown a little since I was here last.

Today I took a day off. Hahaha, yeah right. I didn’t drive anywhere but I also can sit still. I looked through my truck for the mic adapter I lost, no luck. Then I went through my flashlights and flashes making sure I’m prepared for some night photo shooting I have planned. Did a couple more small “household chores”. Cleaned and rearranged the back storage compartment of the trailer, fun stuff like that. Even managed to import and edit some more photos.

It was a semi cloudy day so I actually picked a good day to stay put and work. Not sure where I’m off to tomorrow. It’ll depend on my mood and how much I want to drive. I may just go into the park and see what I find.

Taking easy in the nice weather and quiet of the desert.

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