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Love is Friendship Set On Fire …

Written by Wayne

Before I head out today to explore and chase the “Supermoon” on my own I figured it might be time to share a little more than I usually share. I am no longer “alone” in the broader sense. I’ve had a partner in my corner for a few months now. As with many new things, we agreed to wait a little to see how things were going to transpire before shouting the news from the rooftops.

Despite it currently being a long distance relationship with short stints of time together we have plans of wandering together soon.

I received an email today with the excited title of  “I wrote a blog!” so I’ll let LaDonna make her own introduction. 🙂

The year… 1986. She is the nerdy girl, spending much of her time in the music room practicing the piano with the school choir, or with her nose in a book in the library.
He is the long-haired, well-liked musician spending much of his time practicing the drums at his friend’s house. Attending classes at the same high school – same age, same grade, yet so many worlds apart. They don’t even know each other.

Fast forward exactly 30 years later. The province … Alberta. She is perusing through her Facebook Newsfeed. The most amazing photographs are ‘liked’ by one of her former classmates, and show up on her wall. She is mesmerized by the photographer’s talents, and how the pictures bring animation from still-life! Being drawn to these works of art, she decides to send an email to the artist. To her surprise, he sends her an email back! They get to know one another. After a few correspondences, decide to meet in person.

Well…the rest is the beginning of an amazing future… together.

Hello, friends of Wayne. My name is LaDonna. I am an Early Childhood Educator (lead teacher in a classroom of 12 children under the age of 2) residing in Kamloops, BC Canada. I live with my 26 year old daughter Charlene, and my English Springer Spaniel, Lua. I am a very proud Mother. My daughter is enrolled in college, studying in the same field as I received my degree in. Following in my footsteps, she is. I am Pagan. My faith and belief system lies within Mother Earth. I can regularly be found hiking through the hills, and trekking through the forests. The outdoors are my sanctity. I have never been one to ground my roots into one specific town or place. I travel extensively, and transplant myself wherever I go. My favourite means of travel? Road trips.

Over the past few months, Wayne and I have been getting to know one another. I have joined him on a few of his adventures, providing companionship and exploring the areas together. Through our appreciation of journeying and many other mutual interests, we have fallen in love with each other.

Yes, this can be classified as a long distance relationship. Wayne Dyer writes … ‘True Love doesn’t mean being inseparable; it means being separated and nothing changes.’
Wayne is chasing the light documenting his expedition, while I hold down the fort at home. I applaud Wayne for each mile he puts on his vehicle, and motivate him with all the distance his feet go while he searches for that next amazing shot with his camera. His mind, heart, and soul belong on the road. Wayne has inspired my life in so many ways. Far too many to write about. I fell in love with him through moments. Time spent together and apart, and by making blissful memories. I appreciate everything about him, and accept him for who, and how he is.

I know many people won’t ‘get it’. How do we do it? Communication. That, along with open, mutual understanding, and faith in each other. Once my commitment assisting my daughter with her studies is complete, Wayne and I intend to convene on the road, together. Sharing the sights and being blessed through the wonders of the wandering. In the meantime, I do not focus on how we are one day further from when we were last together. Instead, I focus on how we are one day closer to when we will be together. Distance and time mean so little when someone means so much.

Thank you, for following along with Wayne. Please, share your adoration for him and his endeavours with your friends. You admire one of his photos so much you can picture it in your home or office? Order a print! Let’s work together to gain exposure for him so he may receive recognition for his work – the acclamation which he so truly deserves. Let’s keep him on the road so he may seize his goals, and continue with each footprint he puts in the opposite direction from mundane, routine life.

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